The “Australian & International Agricultural Exchange” is a not-for-profit Organisation that has been operating for many years, to give youth an opportunity to gain additional skills to further their career objectives.   

Stan Lewin, who established this International Exchange Program has been involved with Agricultural Education for many years.

His work involved developing Vocational Agriculture curriculums for Secondary and Tertiary levels of Agricultural Education, as well as developing Farmer Short Courses.

To develop these Vocational Agriculture curriculums he travelled extensively through-out North America and Western Europe visiting Agricultural Schools and Colleges to study the programs being offered in these countries and develop them to suit Australian conditions.

The “Australian & International Agricultural Exchange” is a member of the “Grow Abroad Alliance” which has a membership of 50 Organisations in 40 countries.

Stan Lewin
D.D.A., T.P.T.C.[2nd Hons], C.P.Ag., M.A.I.S.T., MACE